37 Holiday Beers

Right at the start of the holiday I set myself a challenge of drinking 50 different beers during the holiday. It started well, but fell apart in continental Europe where the choices seem far fewer. In any case, I ended up drinking 37 unique beers, which are listed below.

  1. Rebellion Zebedee, The White Horse, Oxford
  2. Old Speckled Hen, Gardeners Arms, Oxford
  3. Caffrey's, O'Neill's, Oxford
  4. Greene King IPA, Gardeners Arms, Oxford
  5. Boddingtons, Orgasmic, York
  6. Ayingerbrau Lager, Kings Arms, York
  7. Bass, Punchbowl, York
  8. Miller Draft, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh (note 1)
  9. McEwan's 80 Ale, Biddy McGuires, Edinburgh
  10. Smithwicks, Kilford Arms, Kilkenny
  11. Guinness, Kilford Arms, Kilkenny
  12. Kilkenny, Maggies, Kilkenny
  13. Murphy's, Kyteler's, Kilkenny
  14. Harp, Farringtons, Dublin
  15. Stella Artois, O'Neill's, Dublin
  16. Beamish, Davy Byrnes, Dublin
  17. John Smith's Extra Smooth, Sam Weller's, Bath
  18. Hopback Brewery Crop Circles, Sam Weller's, Bath
  19. Tetley's Bitter, Huntsman Inn, Bath
  20. Courage Best Bitter, Cellar Bar, Bath
  21. Fuller's London Bridge, Dickens, London
  22. Ridley's Old Bob, Liberty Bounds, London
  23. Spitfire, somewhere in London
  24. Cobra, an Indian restaurant in London
  25. Grolsch, BA Terraces Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 1 (note 2)
  26. Cruzcampo, Cruz de Malta, Madrid
  27. Amstel, VIPs, Madrid
  28. San Miguel, Pita House, Barcelona
  29. Estrella Damm, Gracia Chinese, Barcelona
  30. Maisel's Weisse Dunkel, Mestre (note 3)
  31. Tuborg, Mestre
  32. Kronenburg 1664, Florence
  33. Nostra Azzuro, Florence
  34. Peroni, Rome
  35. Tsing Tao, a Chinese restaurant in Rome
  36. Carlsberg, Rome
  37. St Louis, Rome


  1. I just asked for a pint of lager, and this is what I got. I learnt to be more specific after that. It's dubious whether this should be counted at all, since it barely passes as a beer.
  2. It may have been before midday, but if the beer's free one might as well drink it. As we left Britain I had consumed 25 unique beers and felt confident in the challenge.
  3. At this stage became disheartened with my lack of progress, and stopped noting down where the beer came from.

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